Here we go again

Laurel vs Yanny

In 2015, a blue/gold dress took the internet by storm. Relationships unraveled, families divided, and some people had emergency eye exams. But the dust has settled since then, and people seemed ready to move on and begin the healing process. “Not so fast,” said the internet. In 2018, we were exposed to the viral clip of “Laurel/Yanny.” A one-second sound bite somehow caused work productivity to drop 20% and headphone sharing to rise 3,000%. One thing is certain; whether you heard “Laurel” or “Yanny,” we can all agree that it was a complete waste of time.

TASC is Launched

Due to the high volume of technical accounting inquiries we received from our clients, MorganFranklin formed a task group (pun intended) to quickly address all of your most complex challenges. The Technical Accounting Solution Center (TASC) is comprised of a team of experts ready to roll up their sleeves and tackle time-sensitive technical accounting issues. In essence, your accounting classmates who’d skew exam curves to the right will now solve all your challenges.

Stanley Cup


#ALLCAPS! After years of playoff upsets and remotes being thrown at TVs, our headquarters hometown team, the Washington Capitals finally won the prestigious Stanley Cup. The cherry on top? Being able to crush our rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, along the way. At last, the city’s championship drought is over! It can no longer be said that Capital One Arena installed water fountains because they have no cups! If only the Wizards and Redskins could get their act together…but now we’re just being greedy. Don’t forget – we also root for the local sports teams in the cities where we have offices – Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York! We’re not frontrunners – just passionate fans of the communities we serve.

+2 to the Board

In May, we were pleased to introduce two new external members to the board. Their added leadership and extensive experience will support our ongoing growth into new and existing markets.

Yodeling kid


Over 60 Million views. Appeared on Ellen. Performed at Coachella. Signed with Atlantic Records. Mason Ramsey, also known as “the Yodel Kid,” became a viral sensation this year after a video of him singing at a Walmart surfaced onto the internet. We’re wondering why people in 2018 are still taking videos in portrait orientation…guess some things never change.

Happy 20th Birthday MorganFranklin!

2018 marked MorganFranklin Consulting’s 20th year. What began as three colleagues sharing ideas over dinner led to the culmination of what MorganFranklin is today—an award-winning management advisory firm that has supported hundreds of clients across the globe.

Royal couple

The Royal Wedding

In May 2018, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel, sixth in line to the British throne, married Meghan Markle, star of the hit USA network show, Suits. A real-life fairytale sparking hopes and memes everywhere.

New York State of Mind

Back in November, MorganFranklin announced the opening of our New York office, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. With our growing team of industry-leading experts and list of exciting clients in the Northeast, it only made sense to open an office in one of the world’s biggest markets. Read the full press release here.

New York skyline

Kiki Challenge

“KiKi, do you love me?” If you recognized those words and read it in a familiar tune, you were most likely one of the millions of viewers who experienced the 2018 dance craze phenomenon. This past spring, people of all ages were recording themselves jumping out of moving cars (yes, moving) and dancing to the tune of Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Some were great; many were disastrous.

The Best Small Firm to Work For in the U.S. wins the “Best Small Firm to Work For in the U.S.” award.

Question: What announcement led to our most shared social post in 2018?

Answer: MorganFranklin winning the “#1 Best Small Firm to Work For.” Consulting Magazine released their annual “top firms to work for” list in September with MorganFranklin grabbing the #1 spot under the “Small Firms” category. Pictures were taken, hands were shaken, and a speech was made by CEO Chris Mann at the awards ceremony. Read the full press release here.

Voted best small firm to work for by Consulting Magazine