The cybersecurity industry is facing a shortfall of skilled cybersecurity personnel with over 4 million cybersecurity positions remaining unfilled globally. This skills shortage has made it difficult and expensive for organizations to attract and retain the cybersecurity talent necessary to secure themselves against an expanding cyber threat landscape.

To address the skills gap, many organizations are choosing to outsource some or all of their cybersecurity operations. By taking advantage of Security as a Service, these companies ensure access to the cybersecurity talent that they require, when they need it. Outsourced security offerings, however, are not and should not be “one size fits all” solution.

Managed Services vs MSSP

A number of different types of Security as a Service offerings exist. Within MorganFranklin’s own portfolio of services, we offer both Managed Services and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) services; these two offerings are distinct in several ways. While both services help to ensure a company’s security requirements are met, the choice of which to select should be made based upon an organization’s unique requirements and outsourced security needs.

What are Managed Services?

Some organizations have already made a significant investment in their own security infrastructure. They may have purchased, deployed, and customized security products to meet their unique business needs and fit their network environment. However, when it comes to operating and maintaining these systems, these companies may require additional resources, skills, and coverage to do so effectively.

MorganFranklin’s Managed Services offering is designed to meet the needs of these organizations. Unlike many Security as a Service providers, MorganFranklin provides the option to have skilled cybersecurity analysts manage an organization’s existing security products. This enables an organization to scale to meet cybersecurity needs via outsourced security without sacrificing existing security investments.

What is an MSSP?

Not every organization has already invested heavily in a custom security deployment. The fast pace of the cybersecurity threat landscape means that some organizations need to deploy defenses and monitoring as quickly as possible.

For these organizations, taking advantage of an MSSP offering may be the right choice. An MSSP deploys preselected cybersecurity solutions within their client’s environment. The MSSP then operates and monitors these solutions to help an organization prevent, detect, and respond to potential cyberattacks. This enables an organization to rapidly deploy cybersecurity defenses while ensuring that the selected solution provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

How MorganFranklin Can Help

Cybersecurity, whether operated in-house or outsourced, is not “one size fits all.” Each organization has a unique network environment, business needs, and regulatory and contractual requirements; all of which have an impact on how an organization is best protected against cyber threats.

MorganFranklin can help throughout the entire process of selecting the right Security as a Service solution. This includes everything from identifying your company’s unique security requirements to deploying and operating an outsourced security solution. With a wide range of security offerings, including Managed Services, MSSP, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), MorganFranklin is capable of meeting the unique security needs of any organization.