Author: Lauren Rutkowski, Manager

In the past, cloud-based business management solutions provider NetSuite sold to smaller businesses looking for big company ERP system functionality. Being a subscription model, NetSuite allowed small companies to experience big ERP functionality at proportional pricing. Today, as NetSuite grows and evolves, so does the type of NetSuite customer. Large companies can benefit from the agility that NetSuite offers in speed to deployment and ease of use.

Large companies are attracted to NetSuite’s expanding modules and capabilities. The software is winning favor with $1 million to $100 million companies that want to transition to a cloud-based system, self-implement, and expand worldwide. NetSuite now meets all of these needs. Furthermore, NetSuite supports companies as they transition away from traditional B2B and B2C models. Organizations are now “omni-companies,” and they need the flexibility that NetSuite offers.

Governments are now using NetSuite, too. The introduction of the G2G module allows NetSuite to expand into a whole new market. Not only does this demonstrate NetSuite’s growth and capabilities, but it shows the software’s ability to adapt to different markets and their requirements.

Each NetSuite upgrade release will offer improved functionality and attract new customers—with NetSuite upgrade 2014.2 having just kicked off in Q3. For details on what’s new in release 2014.2, visit