The road to incorporating a new ERP solution, enhancing your current model or replacing an existing one can be challenging – that is, if you don’t have the right guidance.

Here are some success stories on how MorganFranklin was able to deliver tailored solutions to our clients. See how our team helped, what we provided and the impact it made to the client.

NetSuite Challenge: Implementation

Our client needed to replace an on-premise ERP solution with a cloud-based solution that could scale and grow with the organization while also meeting extensive regulatory requirements.

NetSuite Challenge: Optimization

NetSuite’s Contract Renewals and Commissions functionality did not meet our client’s unique business requirements, resulting in significant challenges for partners and operations staff seeking out-of-the-box configuration to match how they sold their work.

NetSuite Challenge: Reporting & Integration

The client was performing daily extensive analytics on financial and operational data and needed to develop integrations between NetSuite and the data warehouse.

Read how MorganFranklin Consulting solved these NetSuite challenges below, or visit our Enterprise & Cloud services page for more information about how MorganFranklin can assist your organization.