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Becoming a data-driven organization yields numerous benefits—but it doesn’t happen overnight. The journey to building a “data analytics hub” begins with three steps:

1. Assess Capabilities

  • Examine tools, technology, information, and data management across business units and functional areas.
  • Identify pockets of expertise.
  • Baseline organizational capabilities against a Data Analytics Maturity Model.

2. Close Gaps to Deliver Results

  • Document gaps between capabilities and strategy and group them into implementable initiatives.
  • Start delivering quick wins.
  • Outline initiatives, including project charters, and prioritize them based on business value, return on investment (ROI), and other factors.

3. Plan for Continuous Improvement

  • Implement analytics initiatives.
  • Consider an agile implementation approach to quickly deliver results and allow for benefits realization.
  • Be aware and take advantage of analytics advancements and opportunities for additional value.

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