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Maximize Your Investments

In a deal environment marked by a record amount of assets under management, intense deal competition at frothy valuations, and public and private multiples converging — operational improvements in portfolio companies have been pushed to the forefront of investment thesis.

Today’s PE leaders empower value creation in their portfolios by engaging cross-functional experts whose value proposition and means of execution align with their investment thesis and portfolio goals.

Private Equity Challenges

Whether acquiring a family-owned business, executing a buy-and-build strategy, or purchasing a carved-out entity, transformational transactions require a wide breath of skills at the ready to address the unique challenges that come with value creation.

Traditional service providers focus their services on functional silos, causing private equity operational teams to manage multiple relationships across multiple firms.

The MorganFranklin Way

Better aligned to private equity operations’ needs, MorganFranklin acts as a cross-functional extension of your team to solve complex, transformational challenges through one central point of contact.

Our diverse team of experts assist private equity funds in every stage of the investment lifecycle including:

  • Add-On and Integration Support
  • Technology Assessments and Implementations
  • Due Diligence (Buy & Sell Side)
  • Reporting & Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management

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