A leading, technology-first lending startup providing working capital and growth capital to the small business community engaged MorganFranklin to develop an organization-wide risk profile, help management understand risk exposures, and determine the organization’s risk tolerance and risk management strategy.


MorganFranklin’s team of experts strategized with the client and

  • developed an organization-wide risk assessment framework
  • identified opportunities to focus ERM implementation efforts on quick wins
  • created a maturity model that identified gaps and improvement opportunities between the organization’s current and desired level of ERM maturity
  • worked across legal/compliance, underwriting, operations, treasury, and technology departments to develop a comprehensive risk management approach.


The assistance MorganFranklin provided in implementing ERM served as a selling point to business partners (e.g., banks) and investors that increasingly require evidence of ERM capabilities for funding and partnership opportunities.

The process provided greater transparency into risk areas for remediation and FFIEC compliance, and the outcome was used to establish an internal audit function and increase the organization’s risk awareness.

The client proactively identified cybersecurity risks and opportunities to protect and create value for stakeholders, which expanded the organization’s valuation.