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Summer Li


Meet Summer Li

Give us one sentence that uniquely describes you:

I believe life is a journey of learning, and I appreciate people who are self-motivated to learn new things, in addition to their full-time job and other commitments in life.

What is your role at MorganFranklin Consulting, and what do you do?

I lead a team of data scientists building the data science capabilities for the firm. We are developing and implementing custom data science solutions across the industry, such as collecting structured and unstructured data from various sources, turning data into mathematical models or insights to inform decisions, and building advanced data visualization and voice user interface for easy interaction with data.

Where were you before MorganFranklin Consulting, and why did you choose to work here?

Prior to MorganFranklin, I worked at Goldman Sachs where my team supported the data and analytical solutions for the first consumer lending product at Goldman, called Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Prior to Goldman, I worked at Capital One for over seven years, where I was focused on developing machine learning solutions in the big data environment and enhancing marketing analytics in the digital world.

MorganFranklin has the best talent in finance and the leadership team is very supportive of further building out capabilities to apply data science to finance. I believe that the intersection of these two areas is where innovation happens. I am looking forward to this fun adventure with MorganFranklin.

What do you particularly enjoy about the work you at MorganFranklin Consulting when it comes to Data Science?

We are a team of doers and are super excited to solve problems. In addition, our entire data science team is always learning new concepts to keep our skillsets polished and at the cutting edge.

How have you taken ownership of your career at MorganFranklin Consulting? What does “surpassing expectations” mean to you and in the work you do?

Since joining MorganFranklin, I have made it a priority to actively learn about the sales process. This was an area I was not exposed to in my previous work as I joined the firm from the client side. I also have made it a point to seek out coaching and mentorship opportunities from many successful leaders at MorganFranklin to further advance my expertise in this new area.

For example, Frank Landefeld coached me on building marketing collateral for data science. Tom Roland told me to always remember how it felt when I was on the client side. Fred Hargrove demonstrated what true leadership is, always leading by example and willing to get into the weeds. Ashish Patel coached me on the art of sales and highlighted how critical it is to network and be helpful to others.

What has been your favorite MorganFranklin Consulting project, and why?

We developed a voice robot as an end-to-end solution that crawls data from websites, processes the data into a structured table, and stores the data in the cloud database. Users can then query the information easily through the voice robot (and Alexa). This is a project MorganFranklin currently deploys for internal usage. We hope to offer it as a solution to our clients in the future.

What is your favorite office hack?

Each Friday our data scientists meet for “Lunch and Learn” sessions where we discuss new things we learned during the week and share cutting edge industry news. We also offered a few sessions to all MorganFranklin employees to demystify data science and challenge everybody to consider how data science can help their clients. It is a great way to gather everyone in a collaborative way to learn and grow together as a team, and as a company.

What does an ideal Saturday look like for you?

There is a trail in the area called the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD). It is 30 to 40 miles of a double-lane road (with no car traffic) that is just for biking, walking, and running. It has a lot of trees and beautiful greenery. The W&OD also has a lot of cute animals, especially deer in the early morning or before sunset. My husband and I love to visit the trail in the mornings or afternoons on Saturdays for jogging/running. Someday we want to get a dog (a Westie!) that we could take on the trail with us!

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