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Sophia Kandahari
Manager, S&T


Meet Sophia Kandahari

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Before working at MorganFranklin, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have ever had?

The most unusual job I have ever had was, surprisingly, my first job when I was a senior in high school.

I worked for the very first Afghan-American lifestyle and entertainment magazine called “Zeba,” which translates to “beauty” in the Farsi language. I authored the feature articles and interviewed local and international Afghan celebrities, including musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and most noteworthy, the first Afghan woman to be crowned “Miss England.”

Please tell us more about your professional background and what led you to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

I started my consulting career supporting federal government clients. After about three years in, I made the switch to strategy consulting in the commercial space and have not turned back since. Joining MorganFranklin was an excellent opportunity as I saw a mid-size, growing firm as a great opportunity for me to steer my own career and develop my leadership skills. MorganFranklin has been a great fit for me.

How do you assist clients at MorganFranklin? What do you do specifically in your everyday work?

I am a cross between a business transformation and human capital consultant. I believe that one thing that makes me successful is my ability to challenge the status quo and think differently. My approach is centered around understanding the people I work with and bringing a tailored, customized approach that drives sustainable solutions for those impacted.

What do you particularly enjoy about the work you do at MorganFranklin?

MorganFranklin has taught me that there are real people out there that truly care about you as an individual regardless of title, rank, years of experience, etc. In addition, I love being able to make genuine connections and relate beyond just the workplace.

I also enjoy being part of a growing culture that feeds off people taking initiative on client and internal projects. At MorganFranklin, I have had the ability to shape the future. This is something very rare and unique that I may not have experienced anywhere else.

What has been your most interesting client that you have worked with at MorganFranklin and why? (no specific client names)

A doughnut company…need I say more?

What is your proudest moment at MorganFranklin and why?

My proudest moment was when two of my previous C-level clients welcomed me into their routine staff meetings with their direct reports. They trusted me as a business advisor and valued my perspective, which to me, demonstrated my ability to be influential and impactful.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

MorganFranklin is in an exciting phase of its life and is redefining itself in many ways. We are refreshing our brand, acquiring top talent from a wealth of different backgrounds, and making a name for ourselves in new markets.

My best advice to a prospective hire would be to narrow down the skills and experiences he/she wishes to develop, and then speak to the folks that work here to get a sense for what we do. Get to know people, trust your intuition, and make sure that you are being true to yourself at all times.

What is one area you want to learn more about (and become active with) at MorganFranklin and why?

I would like to become more aware of and engaged in MorganFranklin’s corporate strategy, business development, and marketing plans to understand how we are positioning ourselves in the next three to five years to remain competitive and continue to scale.

What is the most interesting thing about you that your teammates here at MorganFranklin do not know about you?

Sometimes I think my musical preferences represent who I am. My Spotify is a compilation of eastern and western songs spanning across different languages and various genres. I can enjoy listening to Rihanna rapping in “Lemon,” but can also relish a classical Indian song with no words but the sound of a sitar playing (eastern strings instrument). The connection I make to music might be tied to the fact that I have traveled extensively overseas and have a heightened curiosity about culture. But I was also raised amongst two drastically different ethnic cultures, so I had to get used to playing to both sides. Most importantly, I have learned that dancing is the best way to break the ice!

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