Sean Hanley


Meet Sean Hanley

What movie or TV character would best represent you?

I have been told I resemble Simon Baker, though this is probably accent-driven. I would say Marty McFly. He is full of adventure, good at getting things done, and humorous.

You hail from Australia originally. Where exactly from and what are some similarities and differences between your home city and San Francisco?

I am from Canberra (Australia’s capital) but lived in Melbourne (Australia’s culture capital) for eight years before making the move to the United States in 2015. I was in New York for a couple of years before heading west in 2017.

Similarities between San Francisco and Australia would be the temperate climate and a big focus on the outdoors including hiking, surfing, and running. I also think a big similarity between California and Australia is the laid-back attitude of the people, something I missed when I was living in New York.

Describe your role and the work that you do at MorganFranklin.

I have experience across all three of MorganFranklin’s solutions, but primarily focus on financial improvement and transformation. With my unique background in standards development and cross-border technical accounting, I am able to collaborate between solutions and work with most facets of the organization. For example, although I am currently the only person on the Strategy & Transformation team in San Francisco, with my unique background I will be working on some Accounting & Transaction Service projects in the coming months.

Please tell us about your professional background and what led you to pursue a career at MorganFranklin.

Over the past 17 years, I have worked in all types of accounting; government, standard development, technical, consulting, and budgeting. Right now I want to be more hands on, which has required me to move away from a larger consulting firm and its restrictions on what you can and cannot do. This, coupled with the opportunity to help build out a West Coast presence for a business that has been successful on the East Coast for 20 years, was an attractive combination.

How have you taken ownership of growing your career at MorganFranklin?

I think my move to MorganFranklin is going to provide me a couple of things: The chance to (as inferred above) be part of the construction team that builds MorganFranklin’s presence on the West Coast. While there is a great recipe built on the back of 20 years of success, there is an opportunity to have our own mark in this region.

Another plus is being able to roll up my sleeves and be more hands on with clients. I am excited to help clients make substantive changes that will allow them to be more successful and efficient moving forward.

What do you think is unique about the culture at MorganFranklin?

It is very different making the move from a multinational firm with over 250,000 employees to working as one of five people in the MorganFranklin office on the West Coast. It is certainly a mindset shift!

If you had to recruit someone to join the MorganFranklin team, what are three traits you would want to see in this recruit?

I would want to see the following key traits:

Flexibility: MorganFranklin needs someone who can work in different environments, sometimes on the same day; and while he/she would need to be an expert in a particular area, this person would also need to be able to perform well across the different MorganFranklin solutions.

Enthusiasm: They would need to be a self-starter. Things do not always go smoothly on projects, so the ideal candidate would need enthusiasm to get through the rollercoaster.

A Fun Attitude: At the end of the day, you are going to have good and bad projects; some that are fulfilling and others that are monotonous. Having said that, it is good to be in the trenches with someone you like to spend time with.

What does an ideal weekend look like for you?

My ideal weekend would be varied. Life is about adventure and it is always good to try new experiences. That said, my ideal weekend would likely involve exercise, playing a sport, getting outdoors, enjoying great food and drink, spending time with great people, and a little chill time as well.

What is the most interesting thing about you that your teammates here at MorganFranklin do not know about you?

I have had my tonsils taken out twice. They grew back the first time!

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