Mimi Dragomanova


Meet Mimi Dragomanova

What inspires you?

Becoming and being the unambiguous embodiment of a self-made individual.

What is your role at MorganFranklin, and what do you do?

I serve as a consultant in our Information Management & Technology group, providing ERP implementation and integration support, with a primary focus on NetSuite. My projects vary from full NetSuite implementations to coach-and-assists to ad hoc support, all of which involve working with clients and fellow team members to identify optimal solutions tailored to specific business requirements. Through our multi-lens approach, I help clients transition their accounting, operational, and technological data from historical ERP systems into NetSuite.

Tell us more about your professional background and what led you to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

I started my professional career as an accountant in the North American branch of a French company, where I held the position of accounts payable manager. In those years, I not only developed a fundamental core of financial and accounting capabilities, but I also amplified my NetSuite competence and expertise. These two elements were key in MorganFranklin’s recruiting team discovering me and eventually offering me a position as a consultant.

Moving away from industry and into professional services proved to be the missing puzzle piece in my career plan, and MorganFranklin has proven to be an exemplary environment to progress in the direction I want to take. Here, I’m able to leverage my experience in a client-facing environment in an organization that is big enough to provide sufficient room for growth and impact, yet small enough to profoundly encourage and embrace innovative ideas from all individuals.

What has been your favorite MorganFranklin project, and why?

My favorite MorganFranklin project is probably my current one, which is a client that has had difficulties trying to implement NetSuite for almost two years. Upon joining the project, we discovered several concerns, and since then I have been working directly with the client’s leadership team to find expeditious, optimal solutions to successfully meet the implementation’s projected go-live date.

The reason I find this fulfilling is that I have a natural aptitude for problem solving, and this project provides many opportunities for that. For me, exploring various approaches to finding a solution through trial and error is part of a greater learning curve, which in time expands and refines analytical thinking. So when a project goes beyond a standard implementation, as with my current client, I see it as an opportunity to turn challenges into heuristics. For me, that can be a lot of fun.

How would you describe the work environment at MorganFranklin?

The entrepreneurial environment at MorganFranklin is evident to anyone who walks through our doors. You will hear a lot of people encouraging you to “own your career,” which, here, goes beyond a concept and is an action consistently applied. This can be contagious, and what you end up seeing in our firm are groups of enthusiastic, visionary people with innovative ideas who galvanize and build each other up both professionally and personally.

Seeing firsthand the collaborative and inclusive nature of our firm internally—and the sustainable impact our services have on our clients externally—is quite an exhilarating feeling. It makes us eminent as professionals, as an organization, and as people.

What is your proudest moment at MorganFranklin, and why?

Earlier this year, I was placed on a time-sensitive project for one of our bigger NetSuite clients. The project required heavy data lifts, extremely detailed manual procedures, and an overall complete process conversion. The project manager and I were the primary resources on the project, and, as a result, I assumed a particularly high level of responsibilities. I led and managed meetings and working sessions with key client stakeholders, including the controller, CFO, and VP of finance. I also led and managed key project workstreams and fully assumed the role of the senior manager in her absence.

Additionally, in the project phase that followed, I traveled on site to our client, where I was the sole MorganFranklin representative merely months after joining the firm and the consulting field. There, I successfully led and delivered training on end-to-end NetSuite processes—ones I had single-handedly designed and developed over the course of the project—to directors and managers. The feedback from my work was highly positive, which was a proud moment for me, as I was able to evaluate myself on how quickly I had elevated my ERP and consulting skills. This reaffirmed my ability to adapt on demand and further fueled my drive for making a tangible impact.

If you could switch your role with anyone within MorganFranklin, whose role would you want and why?

On a daily basis, I find myself surrounded by exceptionally talented consultants and have had the pleasure to work with and learn from distinguished professionals with roles that make a strong impact within our client base. I wouldn’t, however, want to take on anyone else’s role but my own. I think it’s important to build one’s self from the ground up. This creates a foundation of credibility that is essential on the way to becoming a consultant extraordinaire.

I believe that only an organic journey, which flows through multiple roles and tiers within an organization, can build a skill set of high quality; teach patience, discipline, and hard work; and carry with it experiences and lessons that can mold you into a successful professional.

Please tell us about your role in MorganFranklin’s Women’s Initiative Group. What inspires you in the work that you do with this group?

My role as treasurer of the Women’s Initiative Group has enabled me to work closely with the epicenter of the committee to maintain and expand the productive and beneficial nature of the initiative. In my time with the group, I have focused on contributing to a number of internal initiatives, maintaining the organization and budget of the committee, and participating in the formation and facilitation of events ranging from career development to charity. These initiatives, aside from having an array of internal benefits—such as connecting women within the firm and providing mentorship—also allow the women in our firm to capitalize on networking and business development, both of which are vital to our organization.

My inspiration for continuing the work that I do for the Women’s Initiative is seeing the immediate results of my efforts. Whether it’s surpassing—sometimes even doubling—a fundraising goal or having one of our Women’s Initiative events become the environment in which key connections are formed, the results are impactful and lasting. In times like these, being able to leave a footprint and make a positive change is what continues to drive my involvement and attempts in making a profound difference within our organization.

What characteristics and disciplines do you need to be successful in your role at MorganFranklin?

I believe that, before all else, a successful consultant must first and foremost be an intent listener and observer. Our client base consists of a diverse pool of industries and therefore clients with a wide array of differing necessities. Just as people are all distinct, so are organizations, along with their structures and basic internal functions. Understanding what your client needs and the manner in which it must be delivered—including when and how—are crucial components of a successful project. Being able to read your client and adapt to the unique nature of their requirements can often be the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding them.

What books are currently at your bedside?

I’m currently reading Time Regained by Marcel Proust, which is the last of the seven volumes of his In Search of Lost Time novel. The first volume, Swann’s Way, has been a catalyst to my writing for many years, and has been influential to my ideas, perceptions, and abstract thought. Finishing the entire collection of volumes is a bucket list item I’m soon to check off.

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