Mariah Farran

Mariah Farran
Senior Consultant


Meet Mariah Farran.

What is your role at MorganFranklin, and what do you do?

I am a consultant for MorganFranklin specializing in business transformation. I am currently splitting my time between two projects. With the first client, I am helping implement an expense management tool. The second client is going through an acquisition, and I am working with my team to help ensure the process goes smoothly.

You have made some unique transitions within MorganFranklin. Please share how you have taken ownership of your career.

I initially viewed the opportunity at MorganFranklin as a temporary job, as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career. However, I quickly fell in love with MorganFranklin’s culture, my colleagues, and the overall work ethic of everyone at the firm; I soon realized this is where I wanted to stay.

I focused on showcasing my strong work ethic and building valuable connections with colleagues and clients. Over time, my career at the firm became stronger and more focused. Everyone at MorganFranklin provided the advice and support I needed in order to achieve the consulting position I desired. I followed some great advice, continued to work hard (by learning and studying the role I was pursuing), and kept a positive outlook. I quickly reached the role I am in now as a consultant with our commercial practice, and I am excited to continue building my career from here.

What characteristics and disciplines do you need to be successful in your current role at MorganFranklin? How has this shifted from your previous roles within the firm?

To be successful at MorganFranklin, I’ve found that you need to be self-motivated, take initiative, and be dependable. It’s important to show commitment by completing your tasks on time and consistently following through. It’s also very helpful to be flexible and adaptable. Most importantly, I’ve found that communication should be used effectively, and it’s best to be a team player.

As a previous member of our recruiting team, what are three traits you would look for in a professional seeking a career at MorganFranklin?

Someone who’s looking to start a career at MorganFranklin should have determination and persistence, a positive attitude, and integrity.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

Good work ethic and a positive attitude goes a long way.

Where was the most interesting place you traveled to (domestic or international), and why?

The most interesting country I have traveled to is Portugal. I immediately fell in love with the liberal culture and embracing atmosphere. The food, scenery, and attractions in Portugal are breathtaking. I spent some time in Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, Lagos, and had the opportunity to travel to Seville, Spain, as well.

We hear you enjoy drawing and painting. What is your favorite type of art?

Urban art. One artist I am particularly interested in is Bansky. His art has a lot of valuable lessons to be learned, and he brings to light many important political issues with a creative and sometimes humorous approach.

What does an ideal weekend look like for you?

Spending time with family and friends is my top weekend priority. I aim to sleep in too, but never can.

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