Ken Fick
Senior Manager


Meet Ken Fick

What inspires you?

The knowledge I have yet to learn and the wisdom I seek to share with others.

Please tell us about your professional background and what led you to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

Ever since college, I have had a passion for writing and teaching which led me to launch the first iteration of my website around 2012. This also led me to do countless webinars, speaking engagements and other writings on a variety of business-related topics. Regardless of my position, I have always kept on in this endeavor with a focus on topics related to Financial Planning and Analysis. This winding path eventually led me to the conclusion that I needed to return to my roots in consulting.

After a long search, I found what I was looking for in MorganFranklin. MorganFranklin’s culture of inclusion, acceptance of new ideas and people combined with the fact that employees are owners, and treated as such, really drew me to the firm.

What is your role at MorganFranklin, and what do you do?

I am a Senior Manager and I provide technical accounting, finance, budgeting, planning, accounting, and finance advisory services to our clients.

How have you taken ownership of your career at MorganFranklin? What does “surpassing expectations” mean to you and in the work you do?

I am naturally curious by nature, which keeps me asking “why?” in most situations. This has taken me on a career path with diverse experience in many areas. I think taking ownership is about getting passionate about what you are doing right now, and not what you want to do. In school, we hear a lot of people telling us to follow our dreams and you will never work a day in your life because you love what you do. I think being passionate is important but you should bring it with you in every job or project you take—that is how you take ownership of your career.

I truly love making clients smile. On every engagement, I try to go a little bit further than what they may expect and to the extent possible, add a “wow” factor. To surpass expectations, you first must ensure that you will meet them. Then find out or learn how to go the extra mile.  At the end of the day, we are all vendors to someone and finding a way to make your clients feel special when solving complex business issues is what will help people “surpass expectations.”

What has been your favorite MorganFranklin project, and why?

My favorite project so far has been working with a publicly traded company in Michigan to support their ASC 606 implementation, including audit support. The work I did will have a lasting effect on their organization. As we worked together, they saw the value I could bring to the table and I moved from a vendor to a trusted advisor. That is what all consultants look to become, not to sell services to clients, but to become a resource for them in the areas they deem most valuable.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

Be flexible in what you want to do and achieve. Also, do not let your previous experience dictate where you want to go in the future. Say yes to things that you may not feel 100% comfortable with as nothing new and innovative can ever start until someone steps out of their comfort zone.

What is your favorite office hack that makes your day more productive?

If I need to focus, I do not open my email on my web browser. I have email on my phone and it alerts me if there is a message, but I do not feel the pressing need to reply like I do when it is on my computer.

What is the #1 travel destination on your bucket list and why?

Chichen Itza in Mexico. The study of large complex organizational structures and projects fascinates me. How does a culture so well developed, technologically sophisticated, and prominent such as the Aztec rise and fall? Will it happen again? How can we learn from their mistakes?

What would your autobiography be titled?

Just Curious?

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