Katherine Porter


Meet Katherine Porter

What would your autobiography be titled?

“If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute,” and this is not a quote about procrastinating. My old boss used to say this when last-minute tasks came up or key information was shared late with our team, which was a very common occurrence. When he said it, we knew it was time to put our heads down and push through until the task was complete. Over time, it became somewhat of a motto for the office.

Describe your role at MorganFranklin in our government practice. What do you do, specifically?

On my current engagement, I am assisting with compliance reviews of health insurance cooperatives that were formed under the Affordable Care Act. Outside of client work, I am on one of our account teams and actively involved in numerous other business development activities.

You were formally a military paratrooper! What led you to transition and pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

To be honest, I “slipped” into it. I was an intelligence officer in the Army, and when I was transitioning, I was undecided on going into a consulting career or pursuing an opportunity to work in the Intelligence Community (IC). I choose the IC, but quickly realized it was not for me and started looking elsewhere. It was then that I found MorganFranklin.

What inspires you in the work you do at MorganFranklin?

Every day is unique, fun, and challenging. Plus, the work we do here at MorganFranklin directly impacts our clients’ operations.

What do you think is unique about the culture at MorganFranklin?

I think MorganFranklin has a very entrepreneurial culture, which allows high performers to excel and advance within the company based on merit rather than artificial timelines and timetables.

At MorganFranklin, your level does not define the roles you can have. For example, MorganFranklin allows and encourages staff at all levels to take an active role in the business development process.

How have you taken ownership of advancing in your career at MorganFranklin?  

Within one week of joining MorganFranklin, I was staffed and assisting with a proposal effort. Since then, I have taken on a leadership role for one of our account teams. I have also assisted on numerous other proposals and capture efforts, and attended several events that MorganFranklin has sponsored in the community.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career at MorganFranklin?

Lean forward and get involved. There are many different opportunities to get involved, either in business development or other firm activities. It is very important to reach back to the office and get involved in other activities.

Where was the most interesting place you traveled to (domestic or international), and why?

To be honest, I do not travel much, and have never traveled outside the country, aside from deployment. However, this summer, I got to travel to Montana for work and it was beautiful. One evening, our team decided to hike up Mount Helena and the view was amazing.

Internationally, one place I have always wanted to go, and will go someday, is Russia. I was a Russian Studies minor in college and I love Russian history, culture, and architecture. I probably will not be going any time soon, but it is on the bucket list!

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