Arkeno Greenway

Arkeno Greenaway


Meet Arkeno Greenaway

What is your role at MorganFranklin, and what do you do?

I am a manager for our Technical Accounting and Transaction Advisory Services.  I help clients with business transactions that they don’t have the capacity to currently completely address.

Please tell us about your professional background and what led you to pursue a career at MorganFranklin. 

After spending time as a senior accountant in a corporate role, I realized that my career path was lacking change and a challenge. I found myself stuck in a cycle that didn’t allow me to take on additional growth opportunities. Consulting, in contrast, brings a new set of challenges every client. It allows me to continue to find creative solutions to client issues.

What appeals to you about your career focus in Technical Accounting?

I enjoy working in the Technical Accounting and Transaction Advisory Service practice, and specifically in process improvement, as it takes a current issue and allows us to provide a service that also addresses the client’s future state.

What’s the best thing about being a technical accountant? 

The best part about technical accounting is that it is always changing. There is always a new interpretation or guidance that we must consider when providing professional services to our clients.

What do you think is unique about the culture at MorganFranklin?

I don’t think many firms offer support solutions as complete as MorganFranklin. The way our teams collaborate across solutions to ensure that we are looking at the client from all angles and providing a complete service is unmatched in the market.

What three characteristics do you need to be successful in your role at MorganFranklin? 

A team player attitude is needed at MorganFranklin since our groups cross collaborate frequently. Being a driven person who pushes themselves will help immensely, as this firm encourages employees to own their own careers. But I think most important for a person’s success at MorganFranklin is a willingness to learn. Most MorganFranklin employees have had careers prior to joining the firm, but with the diversity of clients and solutions that we have at this firm it is more than likely that you will be tasked with learning something new and quickly.

From singing to producing, you have a huge passion for music. What draws you to it? 

I love the freedom and how you can make music out of nearly anything. To just come up with an idea, a single thought, and then create something from that one thought. It’s something everyone in this world should experience at least once. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

Which genre of music best describes your career at MorganFranklin? 

I have worked with every group at this firm heavily throughout my time at MorganFranklin, so I would say it’s a lot like jazz. All the different instruments (services) play their part in making the beautiful music (my career) in a steady progression to create a beautiful sound.

Exercising is an important aspect in your life. What got you started?

I was bullied quite a bit as a child, and since we didn’t have money for me to take self-defense classes my only alternative was to improve my strength and speed. That’s where it all started, and I enjoy pushing and challenging myself so that has been what has continued my pursuit of fitness.

Bonus question: least favorite exercise?

Preacher curls.

Where was the most interesting place you’ve traveled?

China has been the most interesting place I have been, by far. The cultural differences alone are truly interesting and eye-opening.

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