MorganFranklin: 2011 AGA PDC Survey Results

AGA PDC 2011 Survey Results
Reduce Compliance Costs and Gain Efficiencies

by Isabelle Dikland, Wendy Morris, and Linda Rookard, MorganFranklin

Compliance is a constant and evolving requirement for both the public and private sectors. In 2011, MorganFranklin conducted a survey during the AGA PDC to learn more about government agencies and their compliance costs, coordination, and implementation efforts. Of the 409 respondents, 70% indicated that they were involved in their agencies' compliance efforts. The results indicate that meeting compliance requirements is an ongoing challenge for federal managers. The private sector is deriving value from streamlining compliance activities, yet the survey results indicate that in the federal space, costs continue to increase in order to meet compliance requirements. In addition, the results indicate a lack of efficiency.

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