Harness the Power of Analytics and Data Science

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Imagine a world in which tasks such as sifting through spreadsheets, creating dashboards in Excel, and performing manual data entry no longer drain your employees’ time or your budget. Thousands of disparate data points can be swiftly summarized into a simple-to-view illustration. Labor-intensive tasks disappear and process automation takes their place. These realities are quickly being realized by companies that choose to embrace the world of tactical analytics and machine learning.

Tactical analytics and data visualization arm decision makers with the resources needed to make smarter, more informed choices. The days of relying on a “gut feeling” or trying to scrounge together piecemeal information from disparate sources are long gone. New low-cost analytics software can track and consolidate relevant data and allow users to reach better-informed conclusions, including illustrating new trends, forecasting “what if” situations, and spotting changes in customer behavior. Findings can be communicated easily and efficiently to all stakeholders through data visualization, keeping everyone informed and on equal footing.

To further the advantages of tactical analytics, organizations can explore more advanced machine learning techniques. This discipline combines math, statistics, and computer programming to identify trends and patterns that predict future behaviors and events—whether through extracting information from documents to eliminate data entry, using context clues within text to infer missing information, or marrying internal (operational, financial) and external (weather, census, geographical) data to predict performance. By leveraging the impartiality and power of computers, machine learning can vastly enhance decision making, save time and money, and reduce risk.

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