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Understanding the markets we serve is critical to developing solutions that exceed expectations.  To stay at the forefront, our subject matter experts are actively involved in industry associations, regularly conduct research, and participate in discussions to identify emerging issues and best practices on the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing our clients.  Below we highlight some of the current issues and challenges that our clients face in their efforts to achieve business objectives.

Global Enterprise Markets


Featured Topic: 5 Key Trends


1. Finance Transformation
The pace of change and degree of complexity in business have increased substantially while opportunities for growth are more difficult to come by. Organizations that are seeking to outperform the competition are taking a hard look at inefficient business processes in order to reduce costs and improve service delivery to internal and external stakeholders and customers. Investment in finance transformation initiatives is heating up as CFOs look internally for ways to support the goal of meeting compliance obligations and delivering maximum value to the business.

Watch the recorded panel discussion on Finance Transformation.

MorganFranklin Solutions: Shared Services

2. Shared Services
Budgets remain tight and pressure continues to mount for back-office support functions to perform at peak levels without significantly increasing headcount. In many cases, shared services is seen as a viable option for reducing costs, leveraging automation, and improving standardization, quality, accuracy, and flexibility.

3. Legal Entity Management
Growth and international expansion have contributed to complicated legal entity structures for many businesses. The risk associated with managing a complex legal entity structure is growing in the U.S., and foreign governments have increased regulatory scrutiny to ensure that tax obligations are met. Legal entity management (LEM) and control best practices are being adopted, but to do this well requires cooperation across the enterprise—from accounting and tax to IT and legal. Through effective LEM, organizations can reduce reporting risks and unforeseen tax complications. In many cases, we are finding that LEM process improvements can also lead to significant cost savings.

Watch the webcast: Trends in Legal Entity Management, presented by Managing Director Thomas Roland.

4. Governance, Risk & Compliance
The integrated management of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives using software, enhanced business processes, and training is gaining momentum as organizations look to reduce compliance costs while enhancing performance. By eliminating duplicative activities and enabling risk-aware business processes, integrated GRC management is improving accountability, transparency, and results for many large enterprises.

Audio recording: The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to GRC, moderated by Managing Director Bill Hughes.

Executive Insights: Successfully Navigating the Tides of Change

5. Managing Complex Change
Change comes in all forms. It can be driven by growth, consolidation, or regulatory oversight. Managing change requires accepting the risks that go hand in hand with doing something new. In today's market, organizations that embrace change and find ways to manage it will have a competitive advantage. What are the best doing? Beyond the expected, they are leveraging creative communications tools, setting clear goals, establishing consistent metrics, and creating a culture of accountability that begins at the top.