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Understanding the markets we serve is critical to developing solutions that exceed expectations. To stay at the forefront, our subject matter experts are actively involved in industry associations, regularly conduct research, and participate in discussions to identify emerging issues and best practices on the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing our clients. Below we highlight some of the current issues and challenges that our clients face in their efforts to achieve mission objectives.


Featured Topic: Common Challenges and Objectives in Civilian Agencies

Optimizing Current Resources
While the presidential administration is faced with a number of urgent challenges—including health care reform, a slowly recovering economy, and ongoing natural disasters—federal civilian agencies must prioritize spending and focus on performance to ensure that they meet requirements and execute optimally in today's geopolitical climate. Human resources must also be a key focus, as the aging workforce requires renewed training initiatives to expand the workforce and the implementation of strategic sourcing plans to link staffing levels to changes in mission.

Open and Transparent Citizen-Focused Government
The federal civilian community must always remember who its customers are: the American citizens. Because the work of federal civilian agencies directly affects the American public, their actions are subject to public scrutiny and oversight. In addition, with the Obama administration's Open Government Directive, executive departments and agencies are required to take specific actions to implement the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. Now more than ever, this citizen-focused government will demand increased transparency into government operations. Agencies must institute citizen satisfaction monitoring and measurement to ensure quality control. Risk and delivery assessments, milestone reviews, and financial and rating metrics provide formative feedback and insight into the benefits being derived by citizens.

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