Post-Transaction Optimization

Nearly half of all business transactions fail to achieve their pre-deal objectives. The failure occurs not so much when executing the deal but during the planning and implementation phase. Transaction teams often underestimate the level of effort deals require and then understaff transactions.

Post-transaction optimization enables companies to achieve their objectives through proper planning, satisfying both management and investors. MorganFranklin provides the strategic capabilities and tactical support needed to identify, generate, and sustain value across the four stages of the transaction life cycle:

  1. Pre-Deal & First 100 Days: Define Execution Strategy
  2. Year 1 Performance & Beyond: Performance Management
  3. Year 1 Performance: Value Realization
  4. Ongoing Operations: Continuous Improvement

Why MorganFranklin?

MorganFranklin's flexible and experienced professionals are committed to helping clients derive maximum value from transactions. We customize our teams to partner effectively with organizations and address their unique challenges. Our global expertise covers all aspects of transaction services, including accounting, finance, risk management, technology, data, and project management.


  • Transition planning and project management
  • Communications strategy and approach
  • Resource and operations evaluation
  • Compliance requirements assessment
  • Management dashboards, metrics design, and results measurement
  • Strategic initiative identification, design, and support
  • Effective management, financial, and reporting support
  • Operating model design
  • Finance transformation

Impact & Value

  • Rapidly deploy tested methodologies to deliver value and measurable improvement
  • Closely collaborate with teams to ensure success
  • Mitigate risks around transaction optimization and achievement of pre-deal objectives
  • Develop innovative, logical solutions that are efficient and cost-effective
  • Support controlled change planning and related communications
  • Enhance performance management and value creation
  • Create and document sustainable transaction toolkits teams can utilize for future transactions
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of post-transaction operations